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Randy Johnson
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I collected all the Edge books published here in the States. They stopped with 49 of course. The few others of the other thirteen I've found on the used book sites were out of my price range. I did read the six e-books of the older Edge and enjoyed getting back in touch with an old favorite.

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Hi Randy and welcome to my little circle of friends. I might have some Edge books spare. When I replaced my collection, I had a few that were sent to me which I put in a box somewhee in storage. I can check it out for you if you wish. It'll take about a week before I can get a chance to look around.

Best wishes,


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Ray F
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Have you tried Ebay?  Though even there the last four would cost and arm, a leg and probably everything else. Edge 61; The Rifle you'd need to take out a mortgage to get.

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I was lucky enough to get #61 in a small collection of  Westerns that someone was selling on eBay for I think was $8. Two edge books were amongst them including the infamous “# 61 The Rifle.” I was amazed!  So if you keep looking you might find one as Idid. The seller on eBay obviously had no idea what he had.I have just found another on the Net. Asking price $325. Good hunting!


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Randy Johnson
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I think my only hope might be a rise in popularity of westerns again(they certainly deserve it) with the general public. Those of us who still carry the flame(I read a lot and about half are westerns) are just not enough.

If that day should ever arise, I hope Edge will see a new light of day, those thirteen Pinnacle never published in this country and the six ebooks as well. Those last I've read, but there's nothing like holding a book in your hand.

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I have to agree with you Randy, there is nothing like holding a book in your hand. I like to read in bed too, and you can't fall asleep with the computer in your hand!

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Hi Cody, Love the Madigan cover, and I really like how you have drawn the hat, I wish I had on just like it, Keep up the great work on the Edge and Steele covers, 

Just a thought I have always thought a young Richard Bradford (Macgill. Man in a Suitcase.) has a great face for a western hero maybe you could take a look at some pics on the web.

Thank you again,


Ian (limeyf) ggg board

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