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Angelo and the Strongbox has just been published on Kindle. Click on the cover for more details.

Heading for Tombstone, Arizona Territory to begin a new life, Angelo finds himself slap bang in the middle of a stagecoach holdup. When fate forces him to take a long overdue rest in the town of Gatlin, he becomes a key player in trying to solve the mystery of the stolen strongbox. This is the prequel to the full length, Black Horse Western adventure of Angelo and his new found partner, Mr. Jinx, which will be available in all leading online stores from Jan 2012.




I've just received the cover for my New Black Horse Western, Six Ways of Dying, from Hale Publishers of London. I believe you will be able to pr-order a copy in Nov - Dec 2011.

Angelo was on his way to Tombstone when he struck up an unusual partnership with an old man, two hard-case brothers, their four hired gunmen ... and a treasure map.

But in less time than it takes to cock a Colt the whole deal went bad. Determined to get even, Angelo set out to track down the men who'd double-crossed him. But now he was saddled with an arrogant Cavalry officer, a column of raw recruits--and a beautiful girl with whom he'd fallen hopelessly in love.

They were no match for Ulzana, the Apache renegade with whom they crossed trails. Outnumbered and exhausted, they were soon at the mercy of Ulzana's warriors. But that was the thing about Angelo. He didn't give a damn about the odds. If he had to go down, he'd go down fighting.


Writing under the name of Clay Ledger, I’m excited about my new forthcoming Western Series, Shiloh. I have twelve novelettes planned in all, Gun for Hire, being the first. Below you can see the cover for #11. Tombstone. I will release #1 when it has been published.


Shiloh – Gun for Hire


When a troop of Texas Rangers receive word they are to drop everything and head south to assist their comrades round up a gang of cattle thieves, they are forced to leave their two prisoners in the hands of Trinity’s newly appointed marshal.

One of the prisoners accused of butchering several men including a lawman, has lost his memory caused by the brutal beating he took when he was captured. The other is a rapist, a thief, and more besides.

Marshal Cobb had only been in town all but a few hours when he is killed in a gunfight. This leaves the town at the mercy of Crazy Jim Garfield and his band of outlaws, who intend relieving the bank of a shipment of gold which is due to be transferred to Austin.

Mayor Driskel and his assistant, Craig Mortimer are so desperate to save the town and gold from Crazy Jim, they accept the offer from the two prisoners for their help!

Just before the band of outlaws ride into town, someone throws some light on the prisoner who’s lost his memory.  It turns out that he is Travis Gunn, a lawman whose wife and son along with several other residents of Diablo were gunned down in a failed bank raid which left the streets soaked in blood. He ignored friendly advice from his peers, and went looking for retribution and found it in the most horrific way imaginable.

The mayor and associates quickly learn that when it comes down to kill or be killed, Travis Gunn is as sharp as a needle. It doesn’t take him long to demonstrate his skills with a short-barreled .45 and to bring about a swift end to those who challenge him.

Travis Gunn had learned enough about his past to understand dwelling on it would only bring a whole heap of pain, and that was something he wasn’t ready to deal with, leastways, not yet.

One day he might fully regain his memory. But until then the only way forward would be to turn his back on who he once was, and become the man who rose like a phoenix from the ashes of hell, and ride a new uncertain trail as the man known as … Shiloh!






The Book You've All Been Waiting For...

Announcing the arrival of A Fistful of Legends 
 Go to the Fistful of Legends page in the side bar for more details.

September 2009: Magna Print recently purchased the Large Print rights in no less than EIGHT of Dave's earlier westerns. The titles which will be appearing in all-new editions over the next twelve to eighteen months are:

Hangman's Noose -- O'Brien tracks down a pair of merciless killers before they can hang Judge Isaac Parker from his own gallows!

Shoot to Kill -- The Texas Rangers send O'Brien into Mexico to kill a notorious bandit called Angel -- but all is not as it seems ...

Hang 'em All -- The first book to feature Sam Judge and Matt Dury, and a personal favourite of Dave's. Here the old lawman and his young protege join forces to track down a bunch of child-killing bank robbers ... robbers who just happen to be old friends of Matt's!

Law of the Gun -- A distraught army officer hires Sam and Matt to ride deep into Apache country to buy his kidnapped daughter back for him.

Barbed Wire Noose -- Sam and Matt find a dead man hanging from a coil of barbed wire and find themselves up to their gunbelts in a bitter war between cattlemen and sheepherders.

Judgment Day -- The family of a callous murderer try to kill the circuit judge before he can pass sentence on the killer. Always ready to see justice done, Sam and Matt step in to protect him.

Gunsmoke Legend -- The first book in the Ash Colter trilogy tells the story of how reluctant gunfighter Ash learns his deadly killl from the infamous 'Hair-Trigger' Jack Page.

The Spurlock Gun -- The first -- and to date only -- Chase Donovan adventure. Kicked out of the Texas Rangers for his heavy-handed methods, Chase is hired by the head of the Spurlock business empire, his mission -- to handle the cases the law seems to ignore, and dispense his own brand of justice. If you enjoy this story and want to see more from Chase and his partner, Jonah Peach, let Dave know!



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